OSD – In MDT 2013 Update 2–Sometimes “WimSplit” works and sometimes not

and i do not like “sometimes”. The need for WimSplit is big, the most common reason is to install Windows on a UEFI based machine. In that case the boot media must be FAT32 and a single file cannot be larger then 4095 MB, but a plain vanilla Windows Server 2016 is bigger, so…

The fix

Make sure that the operating system name ends with .WIM


Make sure that the Settings.XML file in the Deployment share\Control folder has the following setting:


And, look it is working…



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  1. Hello, thanks for this! however i apply the changes in the Settings.xml file, proceed to update the Deployment Share and nothing happens, I’m using MDT 2013 Update 2.

  2. I was scratching my head over this issue when I was making an offline mdt media a while back and hat to split the Wim file. Couldn’t understand why the Wim-file wasn’t split when i updated the share. I was rather annoyed when I discovered that the name had to end with .wim as well. Not just the file name of the actual file.

      • No, you do not need to specify anything at all, the WimSplit function in MDT will do it for you, unless you have more then one WIM file, then it breaks. However, I have a solution using PowerShell outside the Update function in MDT that works. It will be posted shortley

      • Hello Mikael, it work now. My problem was that i think that the WimSplit Will works with the entire Deployment Share but not, it only works with media created in MDT.

        Thank you so much!!


  3. Hi Mikael, i have a question right now. Basically i want to use dism to Split a WIM file of size : 11GB, when i use the next command: Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:C:\images\install.wim /SWMFile:C:\images\install.swm /FileSize:4700 the result is three swm files, but only the first has 4GB of size, the next ones it’s 6GB and the next of 1GB. It’s posible to force DISM commands créate every smw files limited to /FileSize parameter given?


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