OSD – The future of MDT is going to be PowerShell!

At MMSmoa today, Michael Niehaus presented a new approach for MDT, the shift from VBscript to PowerShell. They idea is to get the code up on GitHub. The basic engine and framework will be done, but it will allow for contributors to test and verify and even provide suggestions.

You can check it out here:

The New Task Sequence:



The Install App Step:



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    • Does this code from the script “DumpVars.ps1” does what I asked before?:
      1 $verbosePreference = “Continue”
      2 $deployRoot = Split-Path -Path “$PSScriptRoot”
      3 Import-Module “$deployRoot\Scripts\PSDUtility.psm1” -Force

      5 dir tsenv: | Out-File “$($env:SystemDrive)\DumpVars.log”

      Without documentation I presume but it would be a good start!

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