PowerShell is King – Simple function to test a VMSwitch is present

When building VM’s, they are usually connected to a Hyper-V switch, so when working for a customer I suddenly needed to verify that the switch actually exists before building the VM. One way to solve this is of course to use Get-VMSwitch –Name, but if it cant find it, it blows up and turns red and angry, the other way is to use “Count”, that way I can return whatever I need, in this case I Return True or False.


Create a .psm1 file, copy the content, paste into the file, save the file and use the Import-Module function. After that you can test it by running commands similar to this.

Using the function to test a VMswitch is present on the local machine.

The Function:

Function Test-FAVMSwitchexistence
        $Item = (Get-VMSwitch | Where-Object -Property Name -EQ -Value $VMSwitchname).count
        If($Item -eq '1'){Return $true}else{Return $false}


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