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OS Deployment – Installing ADK 1703 on Windows Server 2016 could fail

Posted by Mikael Nystrom on April 6, 2017

Update:It does not happens on all WS2016 machines, it happens only on computer where Secure Boot is enabled. This also means that this will happen on every machine that is using Secure Boot, regardless of OS version. It is a confirmed bug.

Yesterday Microsoft released Windows 10 1703 and also ADK 1703. But it fails to install correctly, the ADK actually installs, but it is the WIM mount driver that fails, du to this absurd message.

Install ADK 1703 on windows server 2016 - 2

A digitally signed driver is required

The message indicates that the driver Windows Overlay Filter is not signed.

The Solution:

According to this , the solution is to disable Secure Boot, really???



2 Responses to “OS Deployment – Installing ADK 1703 on Windows Server 2016 could fail”

  1. Hendrik Rijkens said

    Yes, can confirm this is OS independent, this happened to me too when installing ADK 1703 on both Win10 7103 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Both devices Hyper-V VM and Workstation had Secureboot Enabled.

  2. Andrew said

    Come on MIcrosoft! How could a major bug like this slip past you? You should be embarrassed!

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