Windows 10

The October 2017 Update – “Inaccessible Boot Device”

Also known as:

KB4041676 -

KB4041691 –


Affected systems:

This only affects systems that are managed trough WSUS and the patches was approved at the same time as the “delta” updates also was approved. Those updates was never intended to show up in WSUS, they should be deleted/Declined. You should NEVER have Delta updates in WSUS. It was a “woops” somewhere. But if they were approved, and distributed, and download, and installed at the SAME time as the full patch, then you are affected

These should be declined, and they should be gone at the next sync.


After installing the update and reboot, the pc will not boot, instead it gives you ”Inaccessible Boot Device”

Official Solution:

Currently the official solution is to contact Microsoft Support, but it is possible to use DISM.exe or PowerShell to remove the updates or reverse back a folder name.

read about the issue here (from Microsoft)

Information regarding the Delta’s from Microsoft in a forum.

The Quick fix Solution:

A very nice MVP manage to figure out how to remove all the updates using DISM, and yes, it does work like a charm!

(update: If this is a VM, you might need to add more memory. We have found that you need at least 3GB of RAM for WinPE to use larger scratch space.)

Other ways to fix it is:

The idea is to rename the WindowsApps folder and that seems to work for some



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