Nice to Know–Application or Packages works great when deployed after OSD, but some fail during OSD

There are many reasons for this, but I recently worked with a customer (you know who you are) that deployed 3-15 apps during OSD, some of the where Adobe CS apps and they are larger then Notepad++, just a bit. In this case the error was shown in the smsts.log file as “Install Dynamic application action failed to install application: ‘APPNAME’ Code 0x80004005” and Download Fail, hmm, running the same apps in a custom task sequence or directly to a collection works great of course.

Checking the cas.log shows that the Cache size is set to 5g (default) and going trough the log it turns out that after a few apps the cache is full and the cache cannot be cleared. Therefore the apps/packages cannot be installed, since files are missing.

(Note: There are are other settings that you should set in a Task Sequence as well, check out  Peter Lofgrens blogpost

The Fix

That’s easy and not something new, just change the client cache size during OSD by making it a bit larger

Cache size OSD has changed to 20GB.

Verify settings in the cas.log

In the cas.log you should now see.

Cas.log confirms the new size.

We did not need 20GB, but we did need 10.27 GB for sure.


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