OS Deployment – PowerShell Deployment Extension for MDT

About 2 years ago, at MMS 2017 Michael Niehaus showed a proof of concept, it was an extension to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. The idea was to replace the VB code with PowerShell. Fun fact is the most of MDT is actually PowerShell, expect for the scripts that drives the Task Sequence, and that was the idea, to get into pure PowerShell.



The Story

When it was released the first time, it was a community project, released on GitHub and the idea was that others would help to get this going, it did not workout they way it should, so little has been done over the years and this was the status when it was released the first time.


After almost 2 years, Andreas Hammarskjöld at 2Pint Software asked us if we would be interested in getting this to work, in the real world, and so the journey begun, after hours and hours (our wife’s call the project the “widow maker” ) we are now in a state where it begins working. It is far from done, but we got a lot of it done.


That looks much better now…

Why is is this cool?

Since we are re-thinking and re-writing it all from ground up, we can take 50 years of collective knowledge and experience and turn this into what we might have done if we developed it from the beginning, and since we are using PowerShell, we can do fun stuff, like OS Deployment over http or https, just think of it, OSD over Internet, that is pretty cool.

So, I just updated to our latest public release ( and you can download it and play with it here



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  1. Excellent news! I remember when Michael Niehaus first published out that set of files and had some hope it would be adopted/developed by an active “community” of developers. Thankfully you and Johan stepped up and got it rolling forward, and this is the best possible outcome I think.

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